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    Homemade smartphone on DIY and Craft

  3. To all the people who feel horrible in every kind of way:

    It’s stupid because If you want to be beautiful because of another person than you should consider the fact that this person doesn’t deserve to stay with ‘cause he/she doesn’t accept you for who you are.

    If you want to be beautiful for yourself than it’s stupid too because if no mirror existed you would be totally fine with yourself, and so why are you now?

    And another thing, I work in the beauty system, and my job is to edit all the photos I receive from photographers, and MODIFY EVERYTHING of the model in order to make her look like a doll. And I assure you, no model that you see is perfect, the job of another person make them so.

    And who’s talking is someone who’s neither ugly nor beautiful, just herself.

  4. bvbarmy-babybooo:

    Depression blog

    and too blind

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  5. do you know what it’s like to hear beautiful people say they’re ugly?

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  6. regular:

    people dont like me because im fat

    i have no friends because im fat

    im single because im fat

    im lonely because im fat

    boys think im ugly because im fat

    i hate myself because im fat

    i look horrible because im fat

    i am worthless because im fat

    i feel fat because im fat

    If you don’t want to be fat, stop being bold and start trying to change into regular 

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  7. #1 - Older sister and little ones

    • Older Sister:   I'll torture you and make your life a living hell until you'll be 18 and so I'll start to consider you as a human being.
    • You:   ok, and I'll live my life telling you I hate you but in the truth I will always look up to you as my hero, until I'll turn 18 and I'll start looking at you as the one who gave me a horrible childhood.
    • When I'm 18...
    • Older Sister:   I love my little sister <3
    • Me:   Go fuck yourself.
  8. kind of glad to be tall…

  9. WTF!

  10. I swear I’m gonna have two Tweens and call them Fred and George.
    Even if I have to adopt them!